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Parc Esta Floor Plan
Parc Esta Developer
MCL Land Limited is proud to develop Parc Esta. MCL Land has built a number of high quality homes across Singapore and Malaysia as one of the renowned developer for over 50 years.

LakeVille, J-Gateway, [email protected] Street, Sol Acres EC, Terrasse and many more are among their successful track records.

Parc Esta’s reasonable pricing won’t disappoint aspiring condominium owners.

Parc Esta Showflat Location
Parc Esta Location Map
Parc Esta is located between Sims Avenue and Changi Road within the Eunos Estate where it is perfectly across the Eunos MRT. Along with the recent completion of Paya Lebar Central workplaces and shopping malls, residents in Parc Esta Singapore will find great accessibility to the amenities they want at convenience. Drivers shall find major expressway are within close proximity, e.g.  Kallang Expressway (KPE), Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) and East Coast Parkway (ECP).

Discover more amenities nearby with the introduction of refined living in Parc Esta and the Parc Esta location map.

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Parc Esta Show Flat
Kindly book an appointment here or call us at +65 6100 8717 before making your way right down to view Parc Esta ShowFlat as we may be closed at certain days/time.

Online registrants who’ve booked an appointment here will be able to receive Direct Developer Price and no commission is payable. Please be advised that units for sale at Parc Esta are on first come first serve basis.

They’re our lives all over the world.
The Parc Esta Apartments is obviously a state-of-the-art MCL house on Sims Street. Elegantly located would be the buildings.
With a properly respectable and distinguished market custom, the coproperty is in the pipe and has been designed to react to everyone’s wishes and expectations. The residence is different from the neighboring houses, it has just been carefully considered. There is enough room and solitude for each family.
Parc Esta is the perfect position for people with a tradition of a few generations. The family room, the target of your home, is totally dedicated to guest activity! A wonderful experience is offered by the luxurious bath connected to the master bedroom, with sparkling gear and extras. The house has a surface section of 376,713 m2. Strong. Strong. Ft.-Ft.
Position This is the Eunosville HUDC Enbloc MCL area.
The Parc Esta condominium is known as a 99-year loan problem that was within the HUDC Enbloc of Eunosville. This house is probably the most generally created by the Jardine Matheson Organization. The property contains one of many earliest items of land that a single producer wanted. For the next time in a row in 2017, Eunosville was once a 330-shaft HUDC. Equally in that little piece of area near Farrer Judge in 2007, the next highest analysis was performed. It is surely a signal of the ambition and self-confidence of designers in Singapore’s house field. These parts fit within the government’s sales area plan and are suited to unfit designers in the rising real estate market today.
The park property, with an extensive frontage major straight to Avenue Sims and Changy Rd, is beautifully built. HUDC is previously named Eunosville. It features a safety lounge, a nice-looking room, a celebration home, a golf program, a sunlight deck, a big sharing, bbq facilities and a youngsters’ playground. It’s the ideal spot to know the lovely facilities for the families and associates, that’ll truly increase your household time and make your stay in Eunos more comfortable.
That condominium Parc is situated in an immense place, where the land of the MCL Land Company is refilled with a significant expense. To this effect, Eunosville just presented its loan for 71 decades, so the present mentioned was just the proper time for its citizens, because of the framework of the prior home. For the standard income price, land dimensions and land measurement ratio, it’s predicted that around 1399 types will soon be produced on the unique land.
Nice forms of good quality services can be found to citizens of the new condominium. Among the solutions presently built for the inhabitants are Parkway Parade, 112 Katong and Sq Paya Lebar.
That Place Proposed
There is enough of facilities in the condominium Parc Esta Site Task. Actually interior and outdoor facilities, water bobbleheadwater, shares, barbecues and a children’s enjoy area are area of the amazing Condominium so you can have a relaxed life in your family. You can also have a comfortable household experience. The condo supplies a especially inviting atmosphere for tenants.
This community of Showflat.
The exhibition corridor Parc Esta is located on 14th Sims Avenue / Changi Road, in the 14th area.
Made in order to raise user-friendliness and freedom, Parc Esta is an ideal home because it is a strategic area and shut to many eateries and colleges. Penrose makes another place in 2020. In 2010.
For future consumers, registering for a special VVIP View plan with us is extremely enjoyable. People who enroll might be outlined for the Solid Client Discount and may also have up-to – date information regarding their development. Provide people your curiosity on the web and be today among Esta condominium’s fortunate owners!
Employment place
However functions of Parc Esta, a range of companies, including buying centres, accommodation, academic services and discretion are often accessible.
Logically, Parc Esta Condominium is situated in a location with plenty of buying, food and transit opportunities. The home is a pitch of stones from Eunos Crescent’s marketplace and food square and from various local areas, e.g. Geylang Serai Industry and food square. For household meals or celebration dishes for relatives, you are able to choose among different options. And if, for uknown causes, you have to visit the store, you simply vacation a quick distance to gather your goods. Parc Esta is positioned near MRT programs of Eunos and Eunos.
The Parc Esta condominium would be created and integrated an area close to many search centres. Geylang Serai Industry & Food Plaza, the most used Paya Lebar Sq, is simply one kilometer away, including SingPost’s latest release.
In Paya Lebar Sq, which had been developed to accommodate 159 stores for food and sport, there have been only 3 floors. In that center is really a Cineplex, and the SignPost mall, which lately unveiled, offers you and your house an incredible week-end of films. That Parc Esta Condominium offers progress features, as well as a choice of fun outdoor actions such as roller blading, cycling and a seaside picnic, right next to the East Coast Park.
The MRT website of Eunos (EW7) lies along the eastern-west path of Eunos, and is one of many principal resorts of Telok Kurau, Joo Chiat and Eunos plantations. The Eunos Coach Change features a small move and six coach companies: 3, 50, 84, 382, 385 and M4. There are two coach companies. Coach lines will also be available. The definition of Eunos MRT was coined because Mohd Eunos Benjamin Abdullah, the “father” of modern Malaysian literature, and a Malay nationalist, was merely observed in the 1920s to be a major figure.
Many individuals mightn’t realize that Eunos MRT is configured differently compared to numerous MRTs on the east-west route. The city is curved by Malaysia while the subject of Mohd Eunos box Abdullah is, and is merely a stone’s place from the Industry of Geylang Serai that is frequently referred to as the Malay Village.
It’s scheduled to start to run for 202 on the MRT East Coast(EW7), that will work at the Northwest MRT Organic Place, as created in the Straits Times. It’s expected. Quite simply, Parc house might be really near to MRT applications, which will make living much easier for the residents.
All the busses on Changi Street and Sims Ave are available for the city middle, as the Parc Home resembles the Expressway for Containers (PIE) and several minutes out is the Major Expressway (CTE). For community homeowners who take bus transport, there’s a coach service. The coach help is very comfortable.
The truth is that the Parc Esta is easily positioned near international schools, so it would be hard to truly get your baby’s great college. For example, Tanjong Katong senior high school, Tanjong Katong School of Girls and Haig Women’s College are within walking range from the residence. Several institutions maintain an excellent name for instilling excellent concepts into information , knowledge and extracurricular activities and for increasing the child’s sources.
The people in the neighborhood of Eunosville are described below.
All in the family – they are the occasions forever that individuals price
Parc Esta Apartments can be a state-of-the-art MCL condominium that’s elegantly situated on Sims Avenue.
The Condominium is designed and made to meet up the requirements and needs of each household with the ability of an extremely good and experienced builder on the market. All small points have already been considered carefully, which identify the condominium from bordering apartments. For every household there is enough of room and privacy.
Parc Esta is the proper place for those who have a multi-generational family. The household space is the important thing stage of the house and is devoted independently to the pleasure of your visitors. The advanced toilet, which is reparated for the master suite, is equipped with simple towel accessories and supplements. The coproperty uses 376.713 sqft area.
The HUDC Enbloc MCL Land Park Eunosville
Parc Esta is a 99 year rental condominium, that has been really area of the HUDC Enbloc of Eunosville. The Jardine Matheson Party created the largest estimate because of this land. The region suggests one of many oldest enblock parcelles of area that the designer actually bought. The Eunosville formerly have been a 330 solution HUDC flat which was last distributed in 2017 in a row. The valuation for this little land, just alongside the Farrer Court in 2007, was also the next highest. This is a idea for Singapore’s house market designers'expectation and assurance. These parcels drop under the government’s place revenue approach and aren’t great in the current hiking home market for developers.
The Parc Este has an excellent big entrance that brings directly to Sims Avenue and Changi Road and is previously known as the HUDC of Eunosville. There are many adequate features in the condominium: safety, a location usually ideal for parties, team, golf court, solar terrace, standard swimming pool, barbecue places, youngsters’ playground. In fact, this is the excellent position for your people and buddies who is able to take pleasure in the extraordinary characteristics which make it easy for that ability to increase the quality of your time together with your house let me tell you and to be logically located in the middle of Eunos.
Parc Esta Condominium is made on a big little bit of land which guarantees that the MCL business will have to replenish their opportunities in the location properly. Currently, Eunosville had just 71 ages to cover, and the combined selling of the former home was just at the adequate moment for its residents. It is estimated that approximately 1399 products are probably be produced on the particular house, in compliance with the overall purchasing price, how big the region and the growth area percentage of the site.
Taking pleasure from numerous forms of state-of-the-art amenities, the people of the ultra-modern Parc Esta condominium. The Parkway Walk, 112 Katong, and Paya Lebor Square are a number of the facilities currently in operation.
Parc This curriculum page.
The Design Condominium software of the Parc Esta is packed with numerous facilities. The lavish home provides condominium services such as a dual function interior / outside nielsthomas1, a water room, bar, BBQ and young people, enabling you and your family to have a nice condos theme. The condominium provides tenants by having an especially comforting climate.
That Showflat Park.
The Parc estate’s exhibition room is situated in Singaporean 14 district on Sims Avenue and Changi Road.
Greatly in the pipeline to enhance convenience and output of scale, the region of Parc Esta is created for all restaurants and high colleges, attracting several possible house search motors and upgraders. In 2020, Penrose will announce an extra competition.
Prospective consumers are very nice and are extremely prompted to register for a unique VVIP display schedule. Registrants are likely to match your high author sales discount and could also acquire up-to – date manufacturing updates. Present people an explanation of your fascination word online and be certainly one of today’s privileged parks in that residence!
Position This Hire
The Parc Esta website is geographically positioned and thus conveniently seen, like buy centres, hotels, educational and leisure solutions, from each other.
The Parc Esta house is logically found in a position that delivers different options for retail, food and transport. The property is a stone spot in near closeness to the Geylang Serai Factories & Food Plaza from the Eunos Crescent Market, Food Place and different nearby markets. It provides multiple alternatives and options for your family members for family or type foods. And if you simply have to access the meals for whatever reason, then you definitely only have to get a quick way to truly get your supply. The Parc Esta is opposite the Eunos Instructor and the Eunos MRT station.
In an area adjacent to many shopping malls, the Parc Esta condominium will undoubtedly be construct and assembled. For eg, the famous Paya Lebar Sq, Geylang Serai Market & Feed Plaza one KM Mall, because the freshly released SingPost Mall.
The Paya Lebar Sq was built to host 159 stores for hunting, food and discretion activities on 3 floors. The SignPost Hub, just built, enclosed 5 split up floors, a Cineplex in that middle and you and your home can take demand of a great picture weekend. As well as activity centres, the parc esta condominium is found neighboring East Shore Park, where you can select from different fun outside actions such as for instance roller shuttle, bike tours and a picnic on the beach.
The MRT part of Eunos (EW7) describes the people of Telok Kurau, Joo Chiat Together with the house of Eunos. This can be a huge MRT station. A restricted lineup of coach transactions from Eunos Coach is available and 6 bus answers are available here, like 3, 50, 84, 382, 385 and M4. The Eunos MRT portion was designed by Mohd Eunos’s Abdullah container, a man widely considered an important determine in the 1920s, and often called the'dad’of Malay contemporary writings.
Many individuals are aware of the truth that Eunos MRT has a distinct design from one other MRT stations on the Eastern-Western path. The most truly effective is made in the Malay contact, which is similar to Mohd Eunos Container Abdullah’s given name, nonetheless it can also be merely a stone’s place from the Geylang Serai Place, that will be also called the Malay Town.
The Western Coast MRT (EW7) station, functioning in the East-West MRT Natural selection, is expected to become of use in not too distant future, about 2024, as outline by Straits Circumstances. This also ensures that Parc Esta is unquestionably like the MRT companies that will make living for people even simpler.
The visit is incredibly convenient for prepare owners, since Parc Esta is nearby to Container Island Expressway(PIE), and within a few moments the Main Expressway(CTE) may be reached. For those people who wish to get the coach, there are several coach channels along Changi Path and SimS Road.
In other items, the Parc Esta is practically close to the world-class colleges and you’ve number issues finding good colleges for the students. Including, the apartment is generally situated in Tanjong Katong High School, the Tanjong Katong Girl’s College and Haig Women’s College. Those colleges have a strong reputation for instilling positive maxims to make up the foundations of younger era of understanding , information and different knowledge practices.
The regional services of Eunosville Residences are identified below.
The initial shape may be the opportunities that shift. It’s generally seen much as wedged edges and the angle of travel. On average it shifts inside for the door of the place. Generally, the restriction is
Range with a plan for surfaces
You might find three popular windows in a typical floor plan. The very first form of window is certainly going, frequently observed by the walls as a slim worthless line. It could be difficult to find out about the schedule. One other kind of windows is casement. Windows of the casement, like a wall, are the sort of swinging open. The outline of the wedge is usually sealed. Commonly, little windows stand behind the most powerful ventilator in the toilet or power space. It’s the first windows to be installed.
Any such thing completely in a design level
Steps reflected on the making
There could be a staircase in the building for the residences and in several penthouses. Usually the way of vacation is discovered through stuffed rectangles with arrows.
The floor style falls by 50/100.
A wet roof shelter, with a home, your bathroom and balcony, is usually situated. The decrease on average encourages further runoff and stops another section of the home from being flooded
The first form are move opportunities. This really is also viewed as a wedged portion and a going thread. The room lock is also twisted inwards. The discrepancy is generally
The glass on the aircraft
You will find three climbing windows in the typical floor schedule. The first class is really a touring selection that is typically regarded as a quick hole point on the surfaces. It can be complex to recall on the calendar. One other sort of windows is casement. Windows on the attic are the sort you can open as being a lock. This typically comprises of a wedge forms closed. An average of , small windows are put near the top for ventilation in the bathroom or utilities space. This is the glass on the edges.
A ground plan indication
Stairs found in design
You will dsicover staircases in the creating for residences and in certain penthouses. It’s frequently represented by covered rectangles featuring the trail of holiday by arrows.
A floor method of the 50/100 fell.
For wet options, the top, such as the toilet, restroom, and balcony, usually are diminished. The reduction typically allows improve ventilation which protects another proportion of the producing from floods.

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Parc Esta Balance Units
Parc Esta is a newly launched condo located at 900 – 916 Sims Avenue. The new Eunos Condo consists of 1399 residential units, with 1 to 5 bedroom various layouts and configurations.

Parc Esta is a mega city-fringe residential development, within a mere 3 minutes walk to Eunos MRT. There are plenty of amenities and shopping facilities within the vicinity such as SingPost Centre, Paya Lebar Quarter, Paya Lebar Square, Kinex (Formerly OneKM Shopping Mall), Parkway Parade and more.

Future Parc Esta Condo residents will find several well-known institutions within 1-2km such as Tao Nan School and Maha-Bodhi School.

During the Parc Esta launch on 17th Nov 2018, 329 units were sold successfully at an average price of $1,680 psf. Read more about aspiring living here – Parc Esta: Refined Living In The East.

You may view the Parc Esta 3D Virtual Tour as well as download Floor Plan & E-Brochure.

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